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Grey Parrot Commercial Project - City Center - DC.JPG

City Center - Washington, DC

• 10 Acre Mixed Use Development
Cost: $690M
Status: Phase I Delivered
Partners: Hines Interest, Archstone Smith
Role: JV Equity Partner
Architect: HOK Washington DC
Retail: 335,000 SF
Office: 1M SF
Housing: 674 Units
Parking: 1,555 Spaces
Park: 29,000 SF
Plaza: 20,000 SF
Hotel: 400 Rooms

The Wharf - DC- Grey Parrot Commercial Project.JPG

The Wharf - Washington, DC

• 23 Acre Mixed Use Development
Cost: $1.5B
Status: Completed
Partners: PN Hoffman
Role: JV Partner
Housing: 1,200 Units
Retail: 200K SF
Office: 400K SF
Hotel: 625 Rooms
Parking: 1,900 Spaces
Cultural: 100,000 SF
Park: 12 Acres
TIF: $198M

Grey Parrot Commercial Project -  East Baltimore Development Intiative.JPG

East Baltimore Development Initiative

Public/Private Partnership: City of Baltimore + State of
Maryland + Johns Hopkins University Hospital
Cost: $1.8B
Partners: Forest City & Presidential Partners

Role: Development and Financial Advisor to Presidential Partners

Architect: HOK Washington DC

LifeSci Village - Silver Spring - Grey Parrot Commercial Project.JPG

LifeSci Village - Silver Spring, MD

• Mixed-Use Development

• Cost: $3.2B
Status: Awarded December 2011
Delivery: 2024
Partners: Gudelsky Foundation & LCOR Enterprises
Role: JV Partner
Scope: Retail, Office, Housing, Biotech/Research, Hotel,
Conference Center, Educational/University

Grey Parrot Commercial Project - Charlotte Housing Authority - Charolotte NC.JPG

Charlotte Housing Authority - Charlotte, NC

Role: Advisor/Development Partner

Advise the CHA and perform a market analysis to

determine the feasibility of the acquisition and development of the 6.8 acre parcel adjacent to CHA-owned property at Seigle Point for a mixed-use development. Establish a trade area identifying consumer market within 1 mile and polygon with connection to the CBD and surrounding neighborhoods. Identify housing, senior housing, long-term healthcare and medical opportunity within the Seigle Point community.

Grey Parrot Real Estate Developement Advisory Services.JPG


Role: Advisor/Development Partner

Grey Parrot Commercial, member of Wabash Development Partners, is committed to providing MDOT, the City of Baltimore and the district of Columbia with experienced advice and innovative solutions to meet its development objectives. It is our priority to serve as an extension of the experienced and capable internal professional team by providing, thorough analysis, qualified advice, and recommendations, supported by consultative planning and in-depth research.

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